1920s Home Decor Design


1920s Home Decor – Until 1920s home decor or does, you do not have to fill any room in your house with 1920 furniture and home accessories. Sprinkle a few precious pieces around your home and enjoy the feelings and memories of those bygone days. Make a 1920s home decor, Serve delicious punch out of this funky plastic Punch bowl. Note the bowl has gold flakes embedded in the plastic that typical 1920s home decor fashion. Use a few of these salt and pepper shakers in your kitchen. Porcelain shakers, also range top shakers were often given away as gifts when you bought a new stove. If you really look hard, you can reflect a complete set of red spherical plastic shakers who really the look and feel of 1920 home decor. In the summer, pull your hostess apron and serve iced tea to your guests on a metal work tray as shown here.

Hang this perfectly pink chalk full of fish complete with bubbles in your bathroom. If you paint your bathroom walls turquoise, then you have the color styling 1920s home decor version. Look for furniture in 1920 with the coveted hairpin legs. These legs are angled iron and hairpin named because their shape resembles hairpins. Scour garage sales and thrift stores for pieces like this burl wood table with hairpin legs. Put him at the end of your couch. Place a chartreuse pottery table lamp topped with a star-flecked glass shade on this cool table to add light in the room. Furnish a guest bed with a vintage chenille bedspread. Put a few cushions made of retro bark cloth fabric on top of the bedspread. Look for old bedspreads eBay, at flea markets and thrift shops. Hang metalwork factory pottery planters out swinging hooks.

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Spray paint it black metalwork. A small black in a room adds a touch of class. The glass block TV lamp is original and is delivered on a wooden stand. Go for the real authentic 1920s home decor look. Flip over the block, so that the open side facing upwards. Place large red plastic flowers in the block. Set a small-leaf Formica table in a corner of the living room. Use your modern sewing machine to whip up some bark cloth curtains and cushions for a true 1920s home decor.

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