Adding Market Picnic Table Umbrella


Picnic Table Umbrella – Picnic Table Umbrella Picnic tables are wonderful things to have in your back for children and guests cook outs in the family yard. They are even better when a large umbrella market for them is added. His shadow is always with you and no need to keep moving the table as the sun moves. This project uses a pair of plumbing supplies that can be easily acquired anywhere.

Adding a market picnic table umbrella, Measure the diameter of the umbrella pole market. Your pipe flange must be of that size to fit umbrella pole. Purchase screws appropriate size to fit on the base of the pipe flange. Also buy the right computer buttonhole size to fit into the opening of the pipe flange. It is best to buy these at the hardware store, all at once, so you can be sure to put it all together as selected. Measure your picnic table to find the exact center.

Assembly of pipe parts. See the guide in its adjusted decision as to which tap used to fit the size of the thumbscrew that it has acquired. Using the right key, make a hole in the side of the short tube. The screws thumbscrew on this hole. It is subject to the umbrella pole. Place the picnic table on its side so that you have easy access to the bottom of the table. Set the table again and put the eyelet computer desk in the opening. Remove the cover of the washer. The sole purpose of the washer is a more finished look. It is not necessary to ensure market picnic table umbrella. Slide the umbrella market through the new hardware and tighten the thumbscrew on the pole. Adding to the tube screw ensures that the wind umbrella hitch and do not rotate.

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