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Bathroom Ideas – Today you can decorate bathrooms multitude of colors as the market offers many possibilities. Therefore, this time, let’s see an example to combine two of the most used colors when decorating a bathroom: the green and blue. Both colors are colors that convey tranquility, relaxation and wellness, so they are perfect for use in the bathroom. In addition, there are two colors that are being combined to perfection.

Bathroom ideas decor in green and blue. In this case, it was decided to decorate the bathroom with horizontal lines . The floor is blue, and that color is extended in the first 3 lines of tiles from the bottom. Then sandwiched white color, halfway up, and it is his turn to green. To not overburden the walls, floors three lines are sufficient to give green to stay. Then again white.

Bathroom ideas decor in green and blueThe toilets were chosen in white to avoid overloading the bathroom with mixed colors too. And the different elements such as towel bars, the faucets and soap dishes are a metallic gray that adds an elegant touch to the bathroom. In addition, as health are hung, that is, do not reach the ground, we achieved greater feeling of spaciousness and cleaning the bathroom floor will be much easier. Bathroom decor in green and blueFor different supplements , it follows the same color line: green towels or blue and original shade for the window with green, white and blue, but in this case vertically. They also highlight the storage boxes or baskets that are green or blue.

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