Ceiling Fans Design with Ligth


Ceiling Fans – Although more and more reform projects or new work that include the installation of a ceiling fan, it is common to replace existing light point. This is why most models have light fans. In the case of Faro fans , for example, 70% of the designs are ceiling fans with light. However, although the duplication of functions is very practical-and often, indispensable- should be noted that the main function of a ceiling fan is not light, but ventilate. This means that the lighting capacity with is limited, and therefore our expectations should be moderated in this regard.

There will therefore be supplemented with fan light other points of light, for example wall sconces or downlights. The second consideration is that the incorporation of a lamp to the fan imposes design constraints that make usually a ceiling fans with light less aesthetic than one that does not have it.This also means that the height of the fan is slightly higher, so will cost more to find a model for low ceilings.

Finally, it notes that the control of a fan without light is simple. It can perform perfectly from a wall switch or remote control, and do not usually carry handle. In contrast, in models with light, the light control from the wall switch depend on the state of the shooters and the type of remote control. In this article on the control of ceiling fans with light you can find detailed information on this point.

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