Colors Combine Paint a Gold Wall


Paint A Gold Wall – The golden mean much and do not always find the ideal home site. Let’s do a little review of this intense but glamorous color to know how we can adapt to the decor of our home. Normally we tend to make this color a typical of the holiday season, but nothing to do with reality. It is a color that is intended mainly to create atmosphere so we must not combine it with shades of opposite symbols.

Avoid rosewood , unless your child want to have a universe of princess in her room. And forget the fluorescent colors. The tone combined paint a gold wall with a brown or purple may favor a friendly and warm atmosphere but when combined with fuchsia or orange will give you a festive and sophisticated tone. The black and gold combination plays with the chic and sober design but also tends to be replaced by violet to give a warmer air.

If you like gold and exotic decoration is easy to get for example lamps or Moroccan mirrors and even in this key decorative figures of Buddhas. This type of touch softens the real and elegant traditional symbolism that usually provides. The colors that will help you create the most exotic environments are pink, orange and purple of course, combined with paint a gold wall. The creams and chocolates are also a good option but we have to introduce the gold with great subtlety. It should appear unnoticed among the details of the style.

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