Country Primitive Home Decor Ideas


Primitive Home Decor – Country primitive style decor is described as a hybrid of the cute look and sheer cabin hunting lodge look. A house decorated in country style balances primitive decorative elements “raw” as bear skin rugs and antique lanterns rusty, with softer elements such as carved animals and oversized cushions covered in blue cloth. Milk Bottle Manto. Organize old or antique style glass milk on your fireplace mantle bottles. This type of arrangement also makes a simple but pleasant disposition on the shelves. Experiment with the decoration of the bottles. For example, the fall of a single flower in each bottle freshly cut, or used as supports for tall tapered candles.

Instruments primitive home decor. Since the primitive style country does not necessarily lend itself to typical decorative touches such as framed prints by Picasso, find their accents in an unusual — the attic (or an antique shop, depending on their resources and budget) instead. Remove the old tools and accessories, such as a washboard, rusty shovel, bridle, the yoke of a plow, churn, milk pail, jug moonlight and the almanac. Hang tools artistic arrangements on the walls, grouped by theme, such as the use of horses, garden and kitchen. Use items that are less hanging use, like moonshine jugs, as accents on the floor and shelves.

Skills primitive home decor art. Buy or find an old book that illustrates primitive skills such as catching, peeled and lighting a fire with flint. Razor individual pages with illustrations and frame them. Scatter throughout the house to create a unified look subtly. Use a book in poor condition, since many people (rightly) frowned cutting a pristine ancient book. Alternatively, instead of using an original book, make high-quality copies of the pages in these tough paper and frame. Or print graces the pages of an eBook Project Gutenberg, as “Camp life in the woods and tricks trap and Trap-Making”, circa 1881.

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