How to Choose a Tiffany Floor Lamp


Tiffany Floor Lamp – About 1895 made the artist Louis Comfort Tiffany lamp, a lamp that is both functional and decorative. A Tiffany floor lamp incorporates stained glass designs in its shadow. Selects a Tiffany floor lamp ensures that you will add an element of elegance and classic decor to your home.

Choose a Tiffany floor lamp, Go to the area in your home where you plan to place Tiffany floor lamp. Decide if the lamp will rest on the floor or on a table or desk. Envision where you want the lamp to be and how high and wide you want it to be. Use a tape measure to estimate your hypothetical dimensions and Write them down. Look around the room where you plan to use the Tiffany floor lamp. Note the prominent colors of your decorative scheme and write them. Visit a lamp boutique, home goods store or Tiffany floor lamp dealership. See primarily on lamps that share the dimensions you had imagined. Examine lamps that have stained glass colors to suit both contrasting color scheme of the room where the lamp will be. An additional lamp will give your room a more traditional look; while a lamp with contrasting colors make the room more dynamic splash.

Look at a variety of decorative patterns. Tiffany floor lamp comes in a variety of designs from flowers to fruit for butterflies. Not more than-thinking when it comes to choosing a design. Choose a lamp that you are immediately attracted. Practice turning on and off the lights that you are interested in. Turn on the lights should be easy; clicker or cord should never come to a halt. Turn on the lamp or lamps that you are most interested in and walk away for 10-15 minutes. Come back and hold your hand an inch above the glass lampshade. The lamp should still be cool and do not radiate much heat. Ask the clerk to turn on the light to show you the engraved signature on the lamp, if you examine authentic antique Tiffany floor lamp. Most authentic Tiffany lamps have an engraved signature that says, “Tiffany Studios New York” or “LCT co” If the light does not have such an engraving, the dealer gives certificate of authenticity.

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