How to Install an Bathroom Vessel Sinks


Bathroom Vessel Sinks – Installing a bathroom vessel sinks will require some plumbing work. Place the mounting ring over the hole in the countertop surface. Place the vessel sink on top of the mounting ring on the hole. Use a paper towel to wipe up any additional adhesive. Unscrew the bottom of the leak from the top of the leak. Put the drain body into the hole in the center of the vessel sink.

Place the washer and push firmly against the soft washer. Screw in the brass nut to keep the washers in place. Put some PVC cement along the inside of the wider hole in a P-trap January 1/2-inch. Place the glued end of the P-trap on the drain pipe from the vessel wall under the sink. Align the top opening in the P-trap to the drain. Measure the distance from the opening of the P-trap at the bottom of the bathroom vessel sinks drain.

Place a siphon female adapter at the end of the straight pipe will be closest to the vessel sink. Place the other end of the straight pipe into the opening in the P-trap. Attach the adapter to trap female piece of straight pipe. Paste the other end of the pipe directly to the P-trap. Turn the nut on the trap adapter female hand to tighten the bathroom vessel sinks drain.

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