How to Make Hang Wardrobe of Wood Portable Closet


Wood Portable Closet – Portable cabinets are usually independent. They consist of a fabric-covered frame, has a door that opens and closes with a zipper and equipped with a plug for hanging clothes. Many people use portable cabinets when not have enough space in their closets. If you are interested in raising your wardrobe laptop to save floor space, it can be manipulated to hang adding washers. The eyelets will allow hanging closet ceiling hooks and chains.

Add eyelets curtain on the four upper corners of the wood portable closet. Place a washer on a corner and draw the inner circle with a marker. Cut the circle with scissors. Place the washer means around one side of the hole and half on the rear side of the hole. Place washers on a wooden block. Place an eyelet setter on top of the washers. It hit the back of the eyelet setter with a mallet to lock the two halves together buttonhole. Repeat for the other three eyelets.

Secure the hooks in the ceiling where you want to hang the closet. Placing hooks in a square formation ceiling, spacing them equivalent to the separation points of the washers. Bore pilot holes in a ceiling beam or through the drywall, with a drill. Use roof bolts with toggle bolts if you are not inserting the hooks in the rafters. A toggle bolt is inserted through the hole in the ceiling, then it stands open arms. Screw the hooks into the joists or toggle bolts by hand. Insert the roof hooks through the eyelets in the closet. Pushing the hooks through the eyelets from inside the enclosure. Use ceiling hooks with flanges for funds captured in the buttonholes. Connect the same chain length of the lamp to the hooks on the top of the wood portable closet. Place the chains to the ceiling hook.

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