How to Upholstered Queen Size Headboards


Queen Size Headboards – Give your bedroom a boost with a new header. You do not have to spend much money on new furniture to improve the aesthetics of your room. You also do not have to be particularly expert in home design and carpentry. With a bit of imagination and a few hours of your time, you’ll be on your way to the head of your dreams. Whether you choose intricately woven upholstery fabrics and whimsical designs, no one will guess you did yourself.

Purchase 2-inch thick foam, cut to the exact measurements of your plywood for queen size headboards. In this case, it would be 60 inches wide by 4 feet high. Purchase batting which is 9 inches wider and longer than wood. Place the timber on a clean flat surface in your house or garage. Place the foam on top of it evenly. Use a staple gun to fire a single staple in the center of the foam and continue to fire staples from the center to the four corners of the timber. Then staple of the foam at the edges, the stapling 2 inches apart.

Place the upholstery fabric of queen size headboards on the floor with her ​​forehead to the ground. Place the batting on top of it, lining up the edges evenly with fabric upholstery. Foam Centre and the header at the top of the batting, foam first. Pull the batting and fabric taut on the edges of the 2-inch wood and fire the staples in it every 2 inches. Cut the extra fabric around 1 inch staples and discards. Screw flush mounting studs in the wall where you want to put your head. Keep the head against the wall and mark where you need the matching flush mounted. Use 1/4-inch screws so they do not stick across the front of the fabric. Screw mounts flush in the head, and then hang your head on the wall.

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