Preparation before Outer New Paint


Outer New Paint – Surface preparation to the outer walls they can not be used putties used in interiors by the fact that not withstand rain and other atmospheric conditions. There are special putty for exterior but there is no doubt that the cement is the best solution. A common problem is the moisture in walls , appearing or breaking the plaster coating that is attached to the wall on the outside. In this case you can add the patches to make certain anti-moisture repellent compounds such as paste, or similar materials. The application form varies and find product packaging.

Once arrangements have dried remove the loose paint from the surface before to outer new paint, and sand the wall with sandpaper to remove 60 or 80 previous paint or plaster beads in new walls. If it has some texture or just too rough for sanding, brushing alone to remove any dust that may have. There will be no need for sanding. It is a new wall or painted before you should apply a previous coat of fixative sealer or products with similar characteristics, that does not absorb too much paint and fix better.

Tools used to do outer new paint, remember to cover the floor and proceeds to paint. You’d better use a roll width and use of the pole, and brush or brush to cut. If the wall is textured plaster or a very thick, that is, with many imperfections and holes, you’d better get a roll with a long wool 20-30 mm.

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