Replace a Three Way Mercury Glass Table Lamp Switch


Mercury Glass Table Lamp – Three-way table lamp switches and uni polar mercury glass table lamp switches are pretty much the same thing. They are coupled in exactly the same way, and they look the same. A three-way mercury glass table lamp use a three-way bulb to function properly. A three-way bulb installed in a three-way connector and switch will operate high intensity light, medium intensity, low intensity and off. Unfortunately, if you put a three-way bulb in a single pin socket / switch, all you get is switched off and on. If you vary your intensity of light is what you need, you need to replace your three-way lamp switch with a three-way connector.

Pull the three-way mercury glass table lamp from the socket and move your lamp into a sturdy work space. Remove the lamp cover by unscrewing the lamp finial from the top of the lamp harp, then the shadow to lift the lamp. Remove the bulb. Remove the lamp harp from lamp. Harp attaches the lamp by pressure placed on the lamp harp base. Release the pressure on the lamp harp base by squeezing lamp harp sides toward each other and lift it out of the harp base. Remove the outer lamp socket sleeve three-way lamp socket and switch. The socket sleeve covers the inner three-way socket and switch and must be pulled out of the socket base. Summarize it in your hand and apply a slight side to side movement as you lift the outer socket sleeve away from the lamp, exposing the lamp wiring.

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Remove three-way outlet, and turn on the lamp. Loosen silver and copper screws on the side of the socket and switch and remove the wires from under them. Wrap a small piece of tape around the wire to identify which wire you removed from the copper screw. Discard the old three-way socket and switch. Install replacement interior three-way socket and switch. Wrap the wire you labeled with electrical tape around the copper screw and the remaining wire around silver screw. Tighten both screws to hold the wires to the socket and switch. Put the outer socket sleeve, the lamp harp, light bulb and mercury glass table lamp shade.

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