Restoring Pottery Barn Bathroom Vanity Cabinet


Pottery Barn Bathroom Vanity – Pottery Barn bathroom vanity, like other types of wood furniture, are usually either painted or stained and glossed. Both processes are options when restoring a vanity tired. If you are painting, the project is pretty self-explanatory, but the stains and glossing can be more complicated. The preparation of the surface is more or less the same for both. Be sure to work in a well ventilated area. Lest read the guideline below for more details.

Remove the Pottery Barn bathroom vanity cabinet, removing all hinges and other hardware with a screwdriver. Place the pieces on periodic calculation of output in a workspace. Load the electric sander with rough sandpaper. Run the sander on the surface of each piece of wood of the box, eliminating the existing finish and digging into the top layer of wood. Brush the dust. Repeat the sanding process using the medium sandpaper to take off any remaining finish. Repeat the process again with fine sandpaper, to achieve smooth and clean wood. Clean dust.  Apply wood stain on a section of the cabinet with a brush finish. Brush in thickness. Let stand a minute. Use rags to clean the excess dye. Repeat for each section of vanity. Let the stain set for eight hours.

Brush a light coat of polyurethane on each piece of Pottery Barn bathroom vanity, with finishing brush. Let stand eight hours. Arena polyurethane very lightly with fine sandpaper, dulling the surface. Clean dust. Apply a second coat of polyurethane. Let dry, sand lightly and then brush on a third layer. Let stand for 24 hours. Reassemble the Pottery Barn bathroom vanity cabinet.  That the way to restore the Pottery Barn bathroom vanity cabinet. May this one can help you and give you something worthwhile especially knowledge. Thanks for visiting and reading regards author, see you in the other post.

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