Rustic Wood Dining Table with Cover


Rustic wood dining table – Dining table that combines rustic wood, recycled and oldest of its cover with its broken structure painted white aged. You can make it big or small as you need at every moment as it is expandable. Recycled solid wood cover: It gives personality to the table. You will not find two identical boards. Wood knots and irregularities are the elements that make this dining table a special table and different.

Legs white wooden French style: They are perfect for rustic wood dining table top of this contrast. It gives lightness and allows it to be combined with any decor and furniture. Expandable dining table: Thanks to its extensible, you can open and close the table to have it as long as you need. It’s a table perfect for those who want to lay a lot of people around your dining table. In the dining room, on a porch or in a kitchen: It is versatile; you can place it wherever you want.

It fits seamlessly into any environment. It is a table to enjoy it and use it without fear of spoilage. Forget the streaks or scratches, use the more and more real time step will be your dining table. Its measures: No extensible, scalable or supplements can have a substantially square table 120 cm x 120 cm. Then you can go adding supplements to 4 and turn it into a large table of 3.50 meters long. Surely this is a dining table designed only for those who are looking for a rustic wood dining table where wood purest their veins, knots and irregularities make it unique and different parts.

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