The Proper Height 72 Inch Bathroom Vanity Light


72 Inch Bathroom Vanity – An attractive plan has bathroom light ceiling lighting and task lighting. When installing lights around your vanity or sconces on the wall, it is important to find the right height for your space feel proportional, attractive and practical. Although no standard height for these lamps, finding the proper height in the space is easy.

The best place for vanity lighting is on each side of the vanity mirror. This helps to reduce shadows, accurately illuminates the face and makes it easier to apply makeup. If you are going to install their bathroom fixtures on each side of the mirror, the best height is 72 inch bathroom vanity, or the height of the eyes of the person who will use the bathroom more often. Apply if the design allows you to see the bulb when it is hung on this point, lift the lamp wall until you can no longer see the light bulb.

If you prefer to hang your bathroom fixtures above the vanity mirror, or your bathroom has no room for two lights around the mirror, try hanging light just above the top of the mirror. Ideally, allow one to two inches between the bottom of the light and the upper mirror.  If you’re going to be hanging wall sconces in your bathroom to use lighting as generally far from vanity, which will have to assess their space to determine the correct height. If you are installing sconces near his vanity area and has its installed or available mirror when you’re roughing it in the lights, aspire to a height of about 80-85 inches from the floor to the bottom of the oversink lamp. For lights that hang on either side of a mirror, 72 inch bathroom vanity is a good starting point.

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