Way to Build Stacked Stone Fireplace in the Backyard


Stacked Stone Fireplace – Stacked stone tiles are a three-dimensional sheet created from pieces of cut stone. These are attached to a support and are installed on the panels tile. For the best effect, the tiles should be staggered. This will prevent the vertical joints to show and improve the appearance of a transparent wall. The method of installation depends on whether you have an existing fire ring or to build the surface. Outdoor fireplaces offers an ideal environment. Building a stacked stone fireplace is difficult but rewarding.

Lets read instructions to build stacked stone fireplace in the backyard. The first prepare the work area. Put a stake through the heart of the work. The use of a line, spray paint three rings representing the inner wall, the outer wall and wall slabs. Than dig a 1 foot of concrete footings; which should be 6 inches deep, between the two inner circles. Bending rebar in 2 rings and twist the wire together. Place the holes 6 inch rebar. Fill the space with concrete. Smooth with a trowel finishing and let stand.

Build the inner wall. Choose stones that fit perfectly together. Place the stones on the ground in a pattern with lots of contrast. Join the stones with mortar. Try to keep the top of the stones as level as possible. Press the panel grilled perfectly in place. Create a wall outside the inner wall repeating step 3 (not taking into account the panel of grill). Apply mortar to all stones, including the outer edges. Once the mortar has hardened, apply varnish slabs. Remove any setting that is around the chimney, and apply a weather resistant barrier. That a post way to build stacked stone fireplace in the backyard. May this post can help your problem. Or give you inspire to decorate your home also give you new knowledge.

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